NFL Players Reacted To Rob Gronkowski’s Retirement, But His Agent Says He Might Be Back

03.25.19 4 months ago

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Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement on Sunday, posting on Instagram that he was hanging it up while most of the sports world was watching Duke take on UCF in the Men’s NCAA Tournament.

The openness with which Gronkowski had talked about retirement before this has made many wonder if Gronkowski would come back, especially if he didn’t have to play a full season. And that’s something that his agent flat out said was possible on Monday.

Earlier in the 2018 season, Gronkowski revealed that he threatened retirement after a potential trade to the Detroit Lions was brought to his attention, and there was plenty of talk that he’d entertain a pro wrestling career after he hangs it up from the NFL. But some players certainly think they may not have see the last of Gronk on the field.

Golden Tate certainly thinks that Gronk could be back.

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