Rob And Rex Ryan Got Into A Scuffle And Choked A Guy At A Nashville Restaurant For Some Reason

Former Buffalo Bills coaching bro duo Rob and Rex Ryan have been living it up in Nashville for the Stanley Cup Finals, smashing cars for charity, drinking tall boys and eating taco bowls with reckless abandon. Rex has said he’s a massive bandwagon fan of whoever wins in the NHL, so they brought their personalities to the Predator fan club in what has been a consistently entertaining adoption of team fandom. Sadly, it went sour. No one ever expected their multi-hour visit to Nashville’s Margaritaville to turn to violence, but it did.

According to reports, the brothers Ryan spent hours at Margaritaville, talking to anyone who came up to them, until something went sour.

Rob pulls free from his son in the next few clips, then moves in for more. The video cuts out there, and no reports have surfaced regarding any police intervention, so the fallout will probably come in the next few days.

What happened to make Rex Ryan get shoved out of the way as his brother chokes a man to the dismay of what looks to be a Margaritaville restaurant manager, we may never know. Things were definitely happier just hours earlier.