Rob Riggle And Joel McHale Explain Why It’s Okay To Hop On Another Team’s Bandwagon

If you’re a Green Bay Packers fan or a Seattle Seahawks fan, you’re probably not having the best weekend. The Packers lost in overtime to the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix on Saturday night, and the Carolina Panthers took down the Seahawks 31-24 on Sunday afternoon. Well, in this new skit featuring comedians Rob Riggle and Joel McHale, they explain that it’s perfectly acceptable to switch teams if yours isn’t doing so well.

The sketch aired on Fox NFL Sunday, and it’s pretty hilarious. Some highlights include the Jacksonville Jaguars fan, who is – of course – wearing jorts and a t-shirt that has the sleeves cut off. Riggle suggests he should just become a Carolina Panthers fan. He agrees, admitting that most people think the Jags are the Panthers anyway.

There’s also a Storm Trooper from Star Wars who starts telling Riggle that he’s just a “lowly pawn for a power-led organization” during which Riggle stops him and says he should become a Patriots fan, for obvious reasons.

The always fantastic Betty White then makes an appearance, working as a representative for soon-to-be free agent coaches and players like Johnny Manziel and Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Thanks Riggle and McHale, this sketch was beautiful.

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