Rob Schneider: Actual Baseball Fan

11.04.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

I thought it was odd that Saturday Night Live alumnus Rob Schneider, of all people, wound up hosting the San Francisco Giants’ ticker tape parade earlier this week. It just seemed like another Fallon-esque grab for TV time from a guy that didn’t really know anything about “his team.” But get this: he actually knows his baseball. He’s like a West Coast Will Leitch. Even

Schneider ( Deuce Bigalow and Bench Warmers) attended both World Series games, although his mother forgot to order the postseason package, and Rob had to scramble to get a seat behind home plate.

“I’m a long-suffering Giants fan; I’m talking about the ’70s when less than 1,300 people showed up [at Candlestick Park],” Schneider said. “If you stayed until the ninth inning, they gave you a gift.”

The actor was there the day a Giants fan fell or jumped to his death.

Probably right after watching The Hot Chick.

“I think he killed himself,” said Schneider, who quickly morphed into the time Giants reliever Stu Miller was blown off the mound, which was quite appropriate for Game 2.

Wearing his Giants cap, Schneider made an MLB Network appearance.

“I don’t want Nolan Ryan mad at me,” Schneider said. “I saw he was unhappy sitting there [in Game 1] — and it made me nervous.” –via Ft Worth Star Telegram.

He probably remembered seeing Rob in The Animal. WHO DOESN’T? “So that’s why you have six nipples!” I said that to a set of triplets at a bar once. That pick-up line was an udder failure AW COME ON IT’S EARLY. I need to stretch or something. Also.

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