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A top ten ranked college football team lost to an unranked opponent yesterday. (Yawn.)  What made Vanderbilt's upset of South Carolina particularly satisfying was that a Steve Spurrier-coached team lost and the Commodores win rendered their losing by less than a certain number of points a moot issue.  My heart enjoyed the former upside, and my bleeding ulcer appreciated the latter.

USC strong safety Emanuel Cook also could not get his head around losing to Vandy. “That’s the sorriest team in the SEC we lost to,” Cook said. “We should’ve won that game.”

I like how they have the same word or acronym that describes something completely in some areas of the South.  Everywhere else in the country, 'USC' means 'Southern Cal'.  It's similar to how they refer to a 'daily shower' when they really mean a 'monthly bath'.  Anyway, Vanderbilt is pretty sorry on the gridiron.  When are they going to create that college football super conference of crappy football squads of schools that analysts always say have "good academics"? Vanderbilt, Duke, Stanford, Northwestern and . . . who would the Big XII and Big East representatives be? On second thought, every conference and bleeding ulcer likes a patsy. -KD 

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