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Listen, you’re a good kid. I don’t know how you gotcherself into this mess, but I’mma tell you somethin’. If you don’t git your fist outta my nuts, I’mma blow ya f!ckin’ head off.

There’s not much to add to that headline, other than that the film will be a joint production between ESPN Films, Andrell Entertainment (Lions for Lambs, State of Play), DeNiro’s Tribeca productions and the NFL.

“Having an icon portray an icon on film is amazing, and with a writer as talented as Eric working on the script, the results could be magical for NFL fans,” said Ron Semiao, senior vice president, ESPN Films – Motion Pictures.

“There are few actors who could accurately portray the fire, passion and grit of Lombardi and we’re thrilled to have Robert De Niro on our team,” said Charles Coplin, the NFL’s vice president of programming. “With the addition of De Niro, Eric and Tribeca Productions, we have a deep bench to produce a film worthy of the legendary coach and American icon.” –media release

This could be the greatest non-actual-football thing ever or it could be an absolute dud. Anyone that has read Jerry Kramer’s Instant Replay or watched ten minutes’ worth of NFL films knows what a character Lombardi was, and how difficult it will be to replicate that onscreen. But it’ll be fun to see the effort, and besides, it can’t be any worse than Necessary Roughness.

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