Robert Griffin III’s Girlfriend Had To Hold Him Back During A Scuffle At FSU

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Robert Griffin III aka Bobby Three Sticks aka Mr. No Pressure No Diamonds would usually be considered a mild-mannered guy. The Browns quarterback missed much of the 2016 season due to various injuries, as tends to happen to the former Heisman Trophy winner, but he’s busy this offseason trying to stay in shape so he can get back on the field.

Griffin and his girlfriend Grete Sadeiko, a member of Florida State’s track and field team, were running at the FSU track when Griffin bumped into a guy on the track. That guy took exception to the bump and began chattering with Griffin, when Sadeiko stepped in to push Griffin away to ensure nothing escalated into anything physical.

“The [other guy] got heated and got way too close to [Robert] but Robert didn’t touch the guy not once nor put his hands on him,” Sadeiko told TMZ. “The guy tried to approach him again while Robert was walking away. I went between so the guy wouldn’t do anything stupid and that was the end of it.”

You can see Sadeiko pulling Griffin back in the brief video of the altercation that was obtained by TMZ Sports.

After that, everyone dispersed and nothing physical ever came of the altercation, but whoever tried to pick a fight with an NFL player probably should try to make better life decisions.