Now We Have To Call Him RG35

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07.18.12 8 Comments

In a world where Kris Humphries can get $24 million for being a basketball player people have heard of, it only makes sense that second overall selection in the NFL draft and living Powerade commercial Robert Griffin III would get paid. That happened this morning, as RG3 showed up in an Instagram signing his contract with the Washington Redskins.

From The Washington Post:

Griffin tweeted Wednesday morning, “Well people…. It’s Time to go to Work!!! off the unemployment line and oh yeah HTTR!!!!”

Under the terms of the sport’s rookie pay system, Griffin’s deal is for four years and contains a fifth-year option. It is expected to be worth about $21 million and to be fully guaranteed, with a signing bonus of $14 million.

14 million (with another 21 coming) is a pretty sweet deal for signing your name, and a completely appropriate next step in life for a guy talented and fortunate enough to turn even his incompletions into magic:

RG3 Washington Redskins

Hopefully this is the official start of a long and storied NFL career. Or, you know, a stop-gap between now and the first controversy that makes him interesting to gossip blogs.

[gif courtesy of SB Nation, pic via @Redskins]

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