Robert Griffin III Will Be Tebowing In The NFL Soon (And Morning Links)

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Heisman Winner Robert Griffin III Will Make The Leap To The League – Good for him. Hopefully the NFL of 2015 is only rookies, and they’re all exceeding expectations. [Smoking Section]

25 Of The Most Normal Photos Of Rappers Doing Normal Sh*t – I’ve always wanted a Golden Treasury of Ludacris on the toilet. “My poop is colorful – BALLOONS!” etc. [UPROXX]

We Have A Special Treat For You If You ‘Like’ Us On Facebook – An exclusive 5-Second Films film! If you like With Leather on Facebook all it gets you is the Kate Upton sex tape. What a rip-off! [UPROXX]

Jon Huntsman’s Super Cute Daughters Will Unite Us All – These girls ain’t got nothin’ on Meghan McCain. And trust me, as someone who grew up in the religious mecca of central Virginia, it’s no surprise to me that a super Republican has foxy daughters. [Warming Glow]

The 10 Cheesiest Movie Moments Of 2011 – It’s hard to say “hey, I disagree” at Film Drunk, but I still don’t agree with him about Moneyball. Literally every emotional moment in the history of movies is derivative of human emotion in some way and “manufactured”, unless we’re exclusively watching Errol Morris DVDs. Plus, Mark Shapiro looked exactly like Mark Shapiro, so come on. [Film Drunk]

Corporate Response To Star Wars Complaint Letter Is The Best Ever Corporate Response – I’m going to start sending in complaint letters to UPROXX every time we post something about Star Wars. [Gamma Squad]

The 30 Best Taco-Related Crimes Ever – #31, giving Shaq TNS (Taco Neck Syndrome) and ruining the prime of his NBA career. [Buzzfeed]

10 Movies You Had No Idea Were Turned Into TV Shows – Another excuse for me to link you to that Uncle Buck theme I shared a few months ago. It is easily the best TV credits theme of all time. [The FW]

Paul Rudd To *Literally* Guest Star On “Parks and Recreation” – Truefax: if Paul Rudd was ugly he wouldn’t have been in a single movie. [FARK]

20 Underappreciated Gems Currently Playing on Netflix Instant – Hulu has them beat: it has the Christmas movie where Bruce Vilanch is an emotional elf. [Pajiba]

This ‘Kate Upton Rocks the World’ Video Will Shatter Your Mind – It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but you should watch it anyway. The success or failure of our website is directly related to how often Kate Upton does things. [Brobible]

The Summer Glau Comic-Con Pose GIF – This is why I can’t pay to meet celebrities at cons. They absolutely do not give a sh*t that I like them. [NextRound]