A Tennis Player Lost A Point For Mocking His Opponent’s Obnoxious Grunting

Tennis grunting has officially gotten out of control.

If you’ve ever watched a professional tennis match before, you’ve likely noticed how ridiculous some of the grunts and moans are from the players. It sounds like they’re making the sex! If you watched the Prostejov Challenger event this past weekend, you even saw it cost one player a point.

Robin Haase took on Gonzalo Lama in the ATP event and was in the middle of an intense volley with Lama when play had to be stopped because of a “hindrance” call from the chair umpire. That hindrance? Haase got fed up with the grunts coming from Lama and decided to mock him in the middle of the point.

After several intense grunts from Lama during the back-and-forth action, you can clearly hear Haase give a very exaggerated (and hilarious) moan that forced the umpire to stop play and call him on it. It was a costly move by Haase, as the point was then awarded to Lama.

Unfortunately for Haase, he not only lost the point, but also ultimately the match. The good news, however, is that he’s now a prime candidate to land on Katie Nolan’s next installment of Game of Moans.

(Via CBS Sports)