An MMA Fighter Channeled The Rock’s Signature Move To Finish This Fight

Pro wrestling and mixed martial arts have a tangled history that shares many influences. So, it’s no surprise that we got a little pro wrestling in our mixed martial arts over the weekend at Pancrase 271 when Luis Nogueira managed to knock his opponent out with a throw that looked a whole heck of a lot like The Rock’s patented Rock Bottom finisher.

This isn’t the first instance where a pro wrestling move has made it into mixed martial arts. We’ve also witnessed Daniel Bryant’s YES! lock being applied successfully, and then there was the time someone pulled off Chris Jericho’s Walls of Jericho finisher.

The fight was aired on UFC Fight Pass, which has been expanding since its launch to feature all sorts of worldly mixed martial arts goodness. That includes Japanese fight promotions like the aforementioned Pancrase, Brazilian Shooto events, and even shows from Dagestan! I’m mainly into Fight Pass for Invicta FC, the de facto women’s feeder league for the UFC.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff there for you, and at 10 bucks a month, you really can’t go wrong. As the GIF above proves, there’s a whole lotta awesome stuff going on during these sleeper cards. Watch it on Fight Pass… or wait for it to show up here on Uproxx Sports. Either works.

(via Middle Easy)