05.19.08 10 years ago 6 Comments

There were a bunch of crashes during Indy 500 practice over the weekend, increasing exponentially the chances that I would write about Indy 500 practice. Too bad Danica Patrick couldn't find the time to run over anyone else. The worst of the five over the weekend featured A.J. Foyt IV's car bursting into a massive fireball as a result of a crew member not tightening the fuel cap. Who knew fuel was flammable anyway? 

He was running laps, working on race setup and preparing for the possibility of being bumped and having to requalify, when the cover to his fuel tank blew off. That allowed fuel to pour out of the tank and ignite from the heat of the engine. Within seconds, the rear of Foyt's Vision Racing entry was a ball of flame and his car backed hard into the outside wall.

"We know who did it," [Foyt said] "I don't want to single anyone out, but he's probably going to be looking for a new job and it's too bad because he's a good guy. He just made a mistake."

That should be a good reference for unnamed crew guy. "Why did you leave your previous employer?" "Oh, well, I almost incinerated him." "ALMOST!? We need closers, dammit!"  

What's up with the announcers with the "No use for us speculating" stuff? Did all the good broadcasters go to auto racing so I wouldn't notice? If so, excellent plan fellas. 

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