ROFLMNBAO: The NBA Weekend In Pictures

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12.27.11 5 Comments

I really believed that the NBA lockout and subsequent shortened season were going to do serious damage to the relationship between the league and the fans, but it seems that the fans were just content to get their basketball back. The ratings have been solid and games have been sold out, even in cities that lack star power, recently lost their stars or are inevitably going to lose their stars.
Most analysts and experts are already crowning the Miami Heat, which as I already pointed out is probably the easiest prediction a person could make this year, and while the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder look like the teams to beat in the West, it’s panic:30 on most Lakers clocks with their surprising 0-2 start.
The New York Knicks are playing like they’re just having a lot of fun, which could be scary for the Heat and Chicago Bulls down the road, so it’s way too early to be making predictions like the Heat winning 60 games in this 66 game season. I’m not saying that it’s out of the question, I just hate when Jason Whitlock dickishly boasts “You heard it here first” when he’s just the sports world’s IRL troll. But I digress. I figured now was a better time than any to roll out our new feature, ROFLMNBAO, and take a look at the opening weekend’s NBA action in pictures with some fun commentary.

(Images via the AP.)

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