Roger Clemens Doesn’t Really Get It

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08.24.10 9 Comments

Since being indicted last week on charges of perjury and obstruction, among other felonies, Roger Clemens has been feverishly denying the allegations that he ever used performance-enhancing drugs and especially that he lied to Congress. And it appears that he’s using the best PR team that money can buy, because he’s defending himself via Twitter. By making fun of a reporter. To his niece.

The man who once inexplicably threw a shattered bat at Mike Piazza has been spending the past few days thanking his 9,200+ followers for supporting him, and again denying any wrongdoing. But his last three Tweets have caught the attention of the Interwebs and especially U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton, who has told everyone involved in the federal case – mainly Clemens – to shut the fudge up by issuing a gag order to prevent the tainting of a jury pool. I tainted a jury pool once. Whatever, they shouldn’t have fallen asleep on my couch.

Hey Roger, what’s the best way to gain public support and rebuild your image?

You go Kirb! He’s a low life wanna-b. By his looks he could star on the Adams Family. Btw…

Btw…the dude they sent from the times that did that so-called write up…he reeked of liquor both days. 11am interview (but I guess it was 5p somewhere)

Ouch…Come get ya some. (YOU RANG). No need to get in a piss-n contest with a skunk

Those were insults that Roger hurled at Sports Illustrated writer Jeff Pearlman after he published this piece on Saturday. By Kirb, Clemens is referring to his niece, who took to her blog to defend the former Cy Young Award winner, and of course the rest of his comments are comparisons of Pearlman to the Addams Family character Lurch. Timely and hilarious, Rog. Way to win us back.

And while 9,200+ followers may not seem like a lot for a superstar like Clemens, he only recently joined Twitter. So if you want to know just how much these fans are supporting him, look no further than the Tweet lists they’ve added him to, among others: Fame monsters, idiots, biggest sports cheaters, loser and liar, anger management, f*ckin *ssholes, celebrities I don’t care for, and my personal favorites – openly gay people and ass ponies.

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