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NFL Commissioner and noted Stairmaster addict Roger Goodell is spending his Wednesday morning assaulting Washington State’s Mt. Rainer, the state’s highest peak at 14,411 feet. The Commish has been joined on the expedition by Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora, Jr., who is no longer being referred to as “Junior” by the media for some reason. Surely a guy who said he would abandon the Falcons in a playoff run is entirely too mature to be referred to as “Junior.” From

Guide Peter Whittaker said the group spent about five hours Monday training in wind and fog. He and fellow climbing expert Ed Viesturs are leading the climb for charity that also includes Seahawks chief executive Tod Leiweke.

“Gotta say the commish performed,” Whittaker told The Associated Press in an e-mail. “He is a good listener and grasped mountaineering basics reasonably well. A lot of mountain to go though … we were at 6,000 feet.”

Goodell’s party had planned to start attempting the summit sometime early this morning. That crazy Goodell, he’s either a genuine man of the people or a five-star poseur. Somebody tell him that he can afford a parade of helicopters to just drop him onto the mountain if he wanted. In a 24-karat gold bobsled, no less. But I understand that Ranier is a pretty tricky climb. Most of it is up, until you reach the very, very top. And then it tends to slope away rather sharply.

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