Roger Mason, Jr. Apparently Misquoted Himself About LeBron James Not Playing

Remember all the way back on last night when I suggested that we could pop some popcorn, put our feet up and watch this huge triple standoff between the NBA, Sterlings and LeBron play out? Well, it looks like we can put our feet down and go back to watching reruns of Seinfeld again. Just as quickly as he told Jim Rome on Showtime that LeBron James was willing to forgo the 2014-15 NBA season if Donald or Shelly Sterling still owned the Los Angeles Clippers, Roger Mason, Jr. Tweeted this afternoon that James never actually said that to him. Oops?

From the vagueness of his back-pedaling Tweets, it seems that the NBA Players Association Vice President was simply stating that he spoke to James in the locker room “three or four days ago,” but he must have been talking about someone completely different when he emphatically stated, “He ain’t playing if Sterling is still an owner.” Here, watch the clip again.

That sounds like a man who is pretty certain about what he’s saying, but I guess that everyone involved in this – Jim Rome, me, you, Roger Mason, Jr. – took him out of context.

My guess? Nike and Adidas responded with a nice, “Um, what’s this about a boycott?” letter and everything went back to happiness, unicorns and $200 sneakers.