You Have To Pay Extra For A Happy Ending

Here we see Universitatea goalkeeper Mircea Bornescu responding to a questionable penalty and conversion from CFR Cluj like any of us would — by causing the match to be abandoned with a punch to the goal post, some parkour over an advertising board to attack the guy who just scored and a team masseuse ready to attack on command. In this assumption, we all have crazy rage issues.

That’s exactly what happened. CFR Cluj player Cadu converted on penalty in the 27th minute of a derby match and went behind the goal to celebrate. Bornescu thought he saw Cadu making “hostile gestures” at the fans and Spider-Man’d that ho*. The game was called, and the Universitatea’s masseuse jumped Cadu in the tunnel**.

So the next time you’re worried about the violence in the NHL, consider that nobody (to our knowledge) has ever had their on-site medical staff attack Alex Ovechkin with a skate.

[via Dirty Tackle]

*possibly a sexual reference

**not a sexual reference