11.15.06 11 years ago 5 Comments

The Dallas Morning News's Matt Mosley is trying to give us something substantive on those Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson rumors:

By now, it's a safe bet that you've heard rumors of something brewing between Richardson Pearce's Jessica Simpson and Romo, who in what may be the most second-guessed decision in league history, was dumped by his Florida-based girlfriend two days before becoming the starting quarterback. I'm not sure this Simpson-Romo thing has legs, but I can confirm that he hooked up her father, Joe, with tickets to Sunday's game.

Okay, first it's hilarious that the Florida chick dumped her boyfriend just before he became the starting quarterback for America's most famous football team. But to rebound with one of the hottest pop stars on the planet? That might actually make me cheer for the Cowboys. Which is saying a lot, because I'm not particularly fond of Texas, and I especially hate the Cowboys.

Anyway, Romo, good call on giving Joe Simpson the tickets. Anybody who's paid attention to the Simpson sisters knows that their father is their pimp. That's why I sent him the link to my blog after Ashlee got her nose done. If he laughed, I'm totally in there!

UPDATE: Romo and Joe Simpson also had lunch together.

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