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“Pssst… that chick is fat.”” title=”“Pssst… that chick is fat.”” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

Tony Romo and Cowboys tight end Jason Witten joined Jessica Simpson and her creepy dad in Cabo San Lucas, which I guess is some kind of resort town in South America.  Ordinarily I'd put together a full gallery of paparazzi photos so you can ogle to your groin's content, but there's no real point to it this time, because my family vacation to Disney World when I was in sixth grade was sexier than this.

I think these photos were taken from an iPhone from 200 yards away.  Ooh, what a great photographer.  Maybe he can release his bootleg video of the Mountain Goats concert, too.  Jackass.  Buy a telephoto lens and get us some good bikini shots already.

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