02.07.07 11 years ago 6 Comments

Kings forward Ron Artest is under criminal investigation for not feeding his Great Dane.

A notice from animal control posted at the front of Artest's Loomis home indicated he is under investigation for failing to feed and nourish the dog.

Neighbors said the dog is often left alone in the yard for months at a time without food and water. They said animal control has taken custody of his dogs on at least three other occasions.

Oh no. Oh my God. I'm so shocked. You expect this sort of thing from villains like David Robinson or Dwyane Wade, but not Ron Artest. I haven't been this surprised in at least three or four minutes.

If convicted, Artest could face a $20,000 fine. So basically, if you're in the NBA, starving your pets is exactly the same as losing a three-point contest to Gilbert Arenas.

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