01.13.08 10 years ago 2 Comments

I know you're interested in what Ron Artest is doing while his right elbow is healing:

Ron Artest doesn't really want to be an official, even if the injured Kings small forward has been the one making calls during scrimmages and taking verbal abuse at practices recently. "(His teammates) called me Tim Donaghy," Artest said, referring to the disgraced former official. "That was brutal. But you've got to respect the referees. They have just got to … they don't respect us."

I can't believe Ron Artest perceives disrespect. I am shocked! Anyway, it's cool that professional cagers practice their taunts of the referee during practice. Although, just like any rehearsed speech, the wittiest barb is often augmented by improvisation in the heat of battle. Thus, "I question your optical sense, Oh honored court judge. Indeed, your appraisal of this match besmirches your reputation as an unbiased arbitrator!" becomes "Oh, you must be fucking blind! I didn't fucking touch the motherfucker!" -KD


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