Ron Artest Talks To Ron Artest [VIDEO]

08.02.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Everyone’s favorite fan-fighter, Ron Artest, took time out of his busy schedule of playing dodgeball and recording chart-topping singles to sit down for an interview with Ron Artest.

Ron Ron asks some pretty hard hitting questions like “which planet would you most like to go to?” Ron replies, “Pluto, because it’s the farthest and you could go ice skating on it.” Good job, scientists. Not only is Pluto a planet, which you said it wasn’t, but it also has water. Why don’t you redeem yourselves by getting Ron on the next space shuttle to Pluto? It’s the least you could do for wasting all of my tax dollars on going to the moon. It’s not even made out of green cheese or barbecue spare ribs. What a joke. Video after the jump.

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–USA Today

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