Ron Darling On How He’s Ready For Postseason Baseball And Why He Loves The Wild Card

10.03.18 9 months ago


TBS already has one of the best baseball studio shows out there, and this season the network is fortunate to air the gauntlet that will be the American League playoffs. Ron Darling will be part of the broadcast for TBS, which handles the AL all the way through to the World Series this month. And while there’s no telling who survives the AL Wild Card Game and the resulting series between the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox and defending World Series champion Houston Astros, he’s sure the assignment will be the “most exciting three weeks I’ll ever have.”

Unlike many current players (and especially Chicago Cubs fans) Darling loves the Wild Card Game format, which is good because he’ll be on the broadcast for TBS starting with Wednesday’s American League Wild Card Game between the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics. Billed as a “David vs. Golliath” matchup, the two sides are approaching it from very different perspectives as well. The Yankees will start their ace, Louis Severino, while Oakland looks to use its strong bullpen to save its starters for what would be a matchup against the Boston Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALDS on Friday.

Both Wild Card teams will await a Sale Day in Boston, and Darling is excited to see what happens over the course of this October as one of the most loaded American League playoffs gets underway. He spoke to Uproxx about what’s to come in the postseason, whether the Astros can defend a World Series title and the difference between Mookie Betts and Mike Trout’s appeal to fans.

Is there anything different about broadcasting for TBS this year for you?

Nothing different, but I just think we’re honored to do the American League this year because of how many talented teams and athletes are on those teams. And you could have some historic matchups. Red Sox/Yankees. A defending champion against a team that’s won more than 105+ games. A David vs. Goliath in the Wild Card. All of that stuff is just going to make it the most exciting three weeks I’ll ever have. So I can’t wait.

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