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Former University of Kentucky basketball star and NBA journeyman Ron Mercer got into a brouhaha at a Nashville strip club:

Police said Mercer's friend, 34-year-old Robert Edward Johnson, was also charged with felony aggravated assault for stabbing a bouncer at the club in the same incident. The pair got into a verbal argument with a dancer at Anthony's Show Place on April 21 and were asked to leave by the security guard, Keith Battle. A fight broke out among the three men and Johnson admitted to police that he stabbed the bouncer in the right side and shoulder with a knife. Battle was not seriously hurt. Another bouncer, William Beels Jr., was punched in the face by Mercer, police said.

Who among us can't sympathize with Mr. Mercer?  I mean your buddy gave that dancer an extra $5 for a "special" lap dance, and the harlot has the nerve to slap you when you gently lick her thigh?  Honestly, where did you receive your training Miss?  But I suppose Ron only has himself to blame if he's hanging out with somebody named Robert Johnson.  I heard he sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads. -KD

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