Ronda Rousey’s Next Acting Gig Is Playing A Prison Inmate On ‘Blindspot’

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Since losing what could very well be her last fight ever at UFC 207, Ronda Rousey has mostly laid low and stayed out of the spotlight, but we’re about to start gearing up for her new round of acting appearances, starting with a guest spot on NBC’s hit show Blindspot, which we believe could benefit from unorthodox casting, anyway!

The episode, which should air in April, will feature Rousey taking an even more rough-and-tumble turn than “mixed martial arts fighter.” From the NBC press release:

We are excited to announce that MMA icon Ronda Rousey will be guest starring on Blindspot in episode 220.

Rousey will be playing DEVON PENBERTHY: a female prison inmate who grew up in a working class family from the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and is serving time for transporting weapons across state lines. She is a tough, athletic woman who knows how to fight and handle a weapon.

A tough, athletic woman who knows how to fight? Say, Ronda is one of those! Wait … “Penberthy?” Okay! I’m just going to pretend she’s playing the same character from Furious 7, because that character WAS a criminal and DEFINITELY didn’t die in that movie.

We can only hope that this is the first step in casting Ronda Rousey on every show on television. May I humbly request that she play one of Diaz’s sisters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Actually, I’m just going to go ahead and DEMAND that.