Watch Ronda Rousey’s 14-Second Win Over Cat Zingano At 1/800th Normal Speed

It only took bantamweight champion and pound for pound #1 female fighter in the world Ronda Rousey 14 seconds to defeat Cat Zingano, the next best woman in her division. It happened so fast, not many people knew what the heck happened, Zingano included. So for educational purposes, here’s a version of the fight that has been slowed down 800 percent.

Even at a speed that makes Justin Beiber music sound ethereal and beautiful, this fight still lasts shorter than most other UFC matches. But at least you can get a clear look at the technique that went into Ronda’s latest impressive win.

The throw. The reversal. The back control. Capturing the arm. Locking in the straight armbar. At full speed it almost looks like a fluke. But at 1/800th the normal speed it’s judo and jiu jitsu mastery.

But don’t believe me. If you really want to know the martial arts science behind this win, why not watch this Gracie breakdown of the fight – a 30 minute masterclass on the subject by Ryron and Rener Gracie.