Ronda Rousey Hung Up On A Conference Call After Someone Asked About Her Boyfriend

Ronda Rousey is one of the most intense and focused athletes in all of sports. The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion is also known for being a very guarded person, someone whose personal life is kept close to her chest.

We did get a glimpse into Rousey’s personal life earlier this month, when it was announced that she’s in a relationship with UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. During a telephone conference on Thursday during the lead up to her fight with Holly Holm in November at UFC 193, Marc Raimondi of decided that he wanted to ask Rousey a question about her and Browne’s relationship. Raimondi wanted to know if she was fine with Browne saying that they were together, a question that rubbed Rousey the wrong way.

In fact, Rousey didn’t even respond to it – she hung up either at some point during the question or as it ended. What followed was more than two minutes of awkward silence while the people who put the teleconference together tried to get Rousey back on the line. In fact, when the moderator asked for additional questions, it didn’t sound like anyone wanted to talk to the other competitors, so they just sat there in silence.

The moral of the story is the same moral of every story that involves Rousey: don’t get on her bad side.

(via BroBible)