Derrick Lewis Asked ‘Where Ronda Rousey Fine A** At’ After Knocking Out Her Boyfriend

Derrick Lewis and Travis Browne met on Sunday night at UFC Fight Night in Halifax in a heavyweight battle that saw Lewis knock Browne out in the second round. Lewis caught Browne with a hard right hand on top of the head and then followed that up with some vicious ground-and-pound to turn the lights out on Browne and put a stop to the fight.

In Lewis’ post-fight interview, he called out Browne for “liking to put his hands on women,” referencing accusations by Browne’s ex-wife that he had physically abused her during their relationship. After that, Lewis continued to take shots at Browne, who dates UFC star Ronda Rousey, by asking “where Ronda Rousey fine ass at?”

That comment likely won’t sit well with either Rousey or Browne, and we’ll have to see if Rousey fires back at him in any way (she rarely makes public appearances or statements these days). As for the rest of his interview, Lewis got asked if a first-round kick to the stomach hurt him and how he recovered, and Lewis explained that it wasn’t a pain thing, he just had to take a dump and the kick to the gut didn’t help.

The Rousey quote gets the headlines, but a UFC fighter saying he really needed to “boo boo” during a fight is hilarious. This is like a PSA for the importance of the pregame dump.