Ronda Rousey Just Accidentally Picked A Fight With The Drum And Bass Scene

Last week, we reported on Ronda Rousey registering several trademarks surrounding her name and the catchphrase “Do Nothing B*tch,” including the abbreviated version “DNB.” It was a funny little story and just another indication that Rousey is becoming an industry unto her own. But it turns out there’s a group of people out there unhappy about Rousey’s appropriation of DNB, and no… they ain’t no do nothing b*tches… they’re the Drum & Bass scene.

Drum & Bass is the 170 beats per minute stuff you hear at proper underground raves. Show up with furry boots and pasties on your boobs, and you’re liable to get laughed off the dance floor. They’re their own subculture, way apart from the current EDM explosion, and they like it that way. As you can tell, they’re a little miffed that their go-to hashtag for finding sick broken beats has been getting hijacked sporadically whenever Ronda Rousey says “Don’t be a #DNB!”

There’s even a petition going to try and stop Rousey from trademarking the term, saying a “trademark of the term would cripple many businesses (promoters, blogs, websites etc) and force them to spend large amounts of money to change their business name, website, etc.” While Ronda Rousey probably just wants to stop counterfeiters from making their own Ronda Rousey DNB shirts (which already exist), the DNB scene ain’t wrong to be concerned that a trademark in the wrong hands could result in all sorts of legal bullying.

So far, no comment from Ronda Rousey, who’s probably too busy being the biggest combat sports star in the world. Perhaps she will respond to the situation soon as she’s not exactly a stranger to the world of electronic music. Rumor has it, she’s worked security at underground festivals in the past and raved it up on the Holy Ship to celebrate her Strikeforce title shot back in 2012. A quick “Big up da solid #DNB massive!” could go a long way.