Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Care What The ‘Hating Twitter Bitches’ Think About Her Retirement

Last week, current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and eventual Spike Guy’s Choice Award winner for “Hottest Ass Kicker We’d Take On A Date To One Of Guy Fieri’s Restaurants Before A Kid Rock Show,” Ronda Rousey, broke a million irrational UFC fans’ hearts when she admitted that she’ll probably be retired from fighting in two years. And I say irrational because those fans immediately took to Twitter to rip The Expendables 3 star to shreds over hypothetically breaking their hearts and leaving the UFC, despite the fact that anything can change and she could soon discover that she’s just as likely to be the next Cynthia Rothrock as she is the next Gina Carano.

But Rousey, never one to back down from bros being bros and a-holes being a-holes, defended her choices in a quick Twitter rant on Saturday against a lot of people who have been Tweeting stupid comments like this…

… which was pretty hard to find in between the countless Twitter perverts like this. Seriously, I’ve seen a billion stupid memes in my day, but that one isn’t even remotely funny. But Ronda’s a big girl and can take care of herself, which is exactly what she did.

Meanwhile, CM Punk has her back…

… and so does this guy whenever she’s ready to make babies.

Thank God he offered, because I don’t think Ronda would have ever found anyone else.

(Ronda with the WWE belt via The Rock.)