Ronda Rousey Dropped The S-Bomb On SportsCenter, Got Threatened With Cuddles By Total Creep

How would you describe SportsCenter in one word?

If you said “shitty,” congratulations, you’re normal*. Also normal (for maybe the first time ever) is UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, who suffered through an interview with a faceless ESPN chucklemonster long enough to call an armbar victory, discuss the absurdity of a child walking down a hallway and accidentally describe her relationship with UFC 168 challenger Miesha Tate as “shitty.”

Somehow it gets even shittier from there, with Ronda being asked to enter the “cuddle tree” — is that a thing human beings say? — and “hug it out.” Eesh. He should’ve asked her to “twerk” and take a “selfie.” Hard-hitting journalism there, ESPN, and I’m one to talk, I write up hockey fights and episodes of pro wrestling.

*We also would’ve accepted “sports,” or possibly “Tebow.”

[h/t to Deadspin]