Ronda Rousey Is Already The Favorite In A Hypothetical Rematch With Holly Holm

11.16.15 2 years ago 8 Comments

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There are almost no sure bets in sports, but one thing you can be absolutely 100 percent certain of is that the UFC will give Ronda Rousey a rematch with Holly Holm, and that fight will be one of the biggest in the sports’ history.

Almost immediately after Holm’s shocking knockout victory on Saturday which made her the new Women’s Bantamweight Champion, rumblings began about a rematch between the two somewhere down the line, and Holm has already come out and said that she believes Rousey deserves one.

The fact that Holm-Rousey II is going down is a no-brainer, but considering Holm’s dominance in their first fight and the fact that she is now the undefeated, undisputed champion and not Rousey, you would think that she would open up as the favorite for their potential rematch, but that’s not exactly the case. already has lines up for whenever the next fight between the two will take place, and all three sites that have odds listed have Rousey down as the slight favorite at this moment.

Rousey is still a more known commodity, and she has dominated everyone who stepped in the octagon with her before Holm which may be why bettors are still favoring her in a rematch. But those who watched the fight know that Holm didn’t just beat Rousey on some fluke; she totally threw her off her game and was the better fighter throughout.

Regardless, other than Holm, no one is happier about the title switch more than Dana White, because whenever Rousey is ready for her rematch, the show it takes place on will make all of the money.

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