As If Losing At UFC 207 Wasn’t Enough, Some Jerkwads Just Vandalized Ronda Rousey’s Home

01.11.17 3 years ago 3 Comments

It’s been a rough January for Ronda Rousey, what with her shocking 48 second defeat at the hands (or fists, rather) of Amanda Nunes at UFC 207. 2017 was supposed to be #TheYearOfTheReturn, when Ronda came back into our lives for periodic installments of beatdowns and armbars. Instead, current women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes battered Rousey across the Octagon and left her seriously contemplating retirement.

So of course, some crappy people just had to add a cherry to the shit sundae by vandalizing her Venice Beach home. Rousey is no stranger to graffiti … there are at least two murals honoring the UFC superstar floating around the neighborhood. But what ends up on our own walls is never on the same level.

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