Ronda Rousey Takes A Shot At Manny Pacquiao Over His Anti-Gay Remarks

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Manny Pacquiao
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Manny Pacquiao is understandably catching all kinds of hell for the anti-gay marriage comments he made on a TV station earlier this month. In so many words, Pacquiao implied animals were more respectable than homosexuals. Among those to actively voice their disdain for Pacquiao’s comments — and there were several — was Dave Bautista, whose mother is gay. Of course, none of that impacts Pacquiao like Nike, which released a statement confirming it “no longer had a relationship” with the boxer for his “abhorrent” comments.

Still, add Ronda Rousey to the list of people not impressed by Pacquiao’s stance. But unlike others interested in going after Pacquiao personally, Rousey went with a bigger picture view on homosexuality as it pertains to religion. She also said she hadn’t “heard what happened” to Pacquiao.

“I understand that a lot of people use religion as a reason to be against gay people, but there was no ‘Thou Shall Not Be Gay,’ ” Rousey told TMZ. “God never said that, and I really think that our pope now is boss. He was saying something the other day that religion should be all-encompassing and should be about welcoming everyone and loving everyone. And I think people take the wrong message sometimes.”

Pacquiao “apologized” for his comments in the way that somebody apologizes for merely getting caught, not for the belief or action itself. Suffice it to say the boxer won’t change his beliefs anytime soon, but he’ll continue to catch grief for them.

(Via TMZ)