Ronda Rousey Has To Rewrite Her Autobiography After A Lawsuit Settlement

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The legal fallout from leaving her former manager for A-list agency William Morris in 2013 is still impacting Ronda Rousey. The two parties reached a confidential settlement this past February. It stayed under wraps until Darin Harvey — Rousy’s former manager — released a statement today regarding part of the settlement.

According to Harvey, Rousey will have to make changes to all future versions of her autobiography Rousey: My Fight / Your Fight.

“During the four years we worked together, Ronda easily won all her amateur fights, went 8-0 as a professional, became the first woman to sign with the UFC, and landed roles in several feature films,” his statement read. “Her book failed to acknowledge the important role I played in all of that and, in my view, defamed me in several respects.”

Harvey is featured regularly through her book, early on in many positive ways but then less so after Ronda joined the UFC. There are stories in there about him trying to get the UFC to pay Ronda $20,000 a week to be on The Ultimate Fighter shortly before filming was set to start. Another story was about him not paying training partners from a fight camp. And in what Rousey called “the final straw,” she references a drunken Harvey trying to start a fist fight with her entourage the night before a fight.

Yahoo Sports has a terse response from Ronda’s lawyer, Alexander Polyachenko:

“Neither I nor Ms. Rousey can specifically comment on a settlement that is 100 percent confidential and which Mr. Harvey had no right to disclose in the first place,” it read. “Without violating any agreements, I can say that the changes Mr. Harvey refers to are extremely minor and would not in any way alter the theme or flow of Ms. Rousey’s memoir.”

It will be interesting to see how much of a change it is, considering Harvey is mentioned over 50 times.

Here’s Ronda talking about Darin back before things went south:

“Every two months or so, Darin would take me to Costco and we would build the grocery cart up with unperishables. Frozen vegetables, frozen salmon burgers, frozen everything. I pretty much had the same meal every day. Frozen salmon or frozen chicken or frozen vegetables. But it wasn’t Top Ramen.”

“He really helped me in that way in the very beginning, getting proper nutrition and being able to train properly so I would have money left over to actually put the gas on in our apartment. That’s the other reason why we only had Top Ramen. Because I couldn’t afford to turn on the gas. So all we had was like the hot water from the sink.”

“It was bad. It was bad for a while. And Darin taking care of the groceries like that really helped us to cut a lot of expenses out. He made it so where we weren’t living a destitute lifestyle.”

According to filings with the CSAC, Harvey spent $170,376 on training camps and living expenses for Rousey as she rose through the ranks to become the No. 1 female fighter in the world, but only recouped $84,558 of that before she left him for William Morris.

(via Yahoo Sports)