All Signs Point To Ronda Rousey Returning To Reclaim Her Title At UFC 207

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10.11.16 8 Comments

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In the MMA news world, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and for the last few weeks, if not months, it’s looked more and more like Ronda Rousey was getting prepared for her return to the UFC. Granted, fight fans have learned to tune out Dana White’s promises or lack thereof for quite some time now, but it turns out he was spot-on when he said Ronda could return by the end of the year in an attempt to reclaim her bantamweight belt from Amanda Nunes.

Now, Ariel Helwani, who is almost always correct and is just trying to do his job, has backed up the rumors. We’re one step closer to an announcement:

Here are just a few clues that she’s coming back:

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