Ronda Rousey’s Remake Of ‘Road House’ Officially Has An Odd Choice For Director

Getty Image / MGM

So, the world was shocked to find out that Ronda Rousey was going to attempt to step into the world of Patrick Swayze and remake Road House. It might’ve seemed like an odd idea at first, but that’s only because you haven’t caught this week’s re-run on television or visited a bar with a cover charge. Road House matters and Ronda Rousey is practically unstoppable, in more ways than one.

Now her Road House remake has a director, bringing another odd choice aboard in the hopes to create something with a little bit of magic and beatings galore. According to Variety, Nick Cassavetes will jump into the director’s chair:

Cassavetes has directed his fair share of male-focused films like “Alpha Dog” and “John Q,” but sources say it was his skill of writing strong roles for women that was a major selling point for execs, showcased in films like “The Notebook” and “The Other Woman.”

The project would mark Rousey’s biggest acting gig to date. This marks the fourth project being specifically developed for Rousey to star in, following her biopic “My Fight/Your Fight” at Paramount, “The Athena Project” at Warner Bros. and the STX action pic “Mile 22,” which has Pete Berg on board to direct.

This is the part where I say that I’d rather they dug up John Cassavetes — only because I think he’s awesome — but this could be an alright choice. It’s odd as hell, especially because we’re going from Road House directed by a guy named Rowdy Herrington to Road House directed by the guy who directed The Notebook. Look, as long as someone gets their throat ripped out at some point in the film, I’m in.

(Via Variety)