It Looks Like Ronda Rousey Will Film Two Movies Before Her Rematch With Holly Holm

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If Ronda Rousey considers her ridiculous schedule to be a factor in her recent loss to Holly Holm, she’s not doing much about it. At a private dinner, UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta talked to SportingNews about Ronda and gave some interesting answers as to what she’d be up to in 2016. Take a look:

“I went out to see her in L.A. Had some real good conversations with her. She is, as you would expect, very disappointed. Distraught, to some extent. She’s never lost. She never lost a fight in the Octagon. She never lost a fight in the street. She didn’t know what it was like. Right? … She is champing to be back in there. She made some commitments before the fight to make two movies. So she’s going to do that. Then get back to training in the Octagon.”

“She has options. But let me tell you what. Ronda is the single most competitive person I’ve ever met in my life. If you don’t think she isn’t ready right now … She’s plotting her comeback. I don’t think anything can stop her from coming back.”

One of those films is the Mark Wahlberg movie Mile 22, which Ronda will be filming when Wrestlemania 32 goes down. First off, what’s up with Mark Wahlberg recruiting MMA fighters for movies? Secondly, that dramatically lowers her chances of showing up inside the squared circle, but Ronda has left the door open a crack. ““If I was really going to be there, would you want to know or would you want to be surprised?” she said. “I think a real wrestling fan would want to be surprised.”

The second movie? Who knows. The projects we know about right now are the gender-swapped Road House reboot and a biographical movie based on Ronda’s book “My Fight / Your Fight.” But Road House isn’t set to start filming until the end of 2016 and now would be an awful strange time to film a movie about the life of Ronda Rousey. So maybe her stellar agents at William Morris Agency have something else up their sleeves for her in the spring.

I’d worry about it cutting in on training time. But if she needs to spend the first quarter of the year not getting punched in the head or jaw, a bunch of Hollywood stuff may be just what the doctor ordered to get Rousey back in the superstar headspace she needs to walk into a Holly Holm rematch with some confidence.

(Via SportingNews)