Ronda Rousey Will Armbar The Sh*t Out Of Mel Gibson In ‘Expendables 3’

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07.24.13 8 Comments

Josh Thomson not included. (via Getty Image)

I don’t know if she’ll do that or not, I’m just fantasy booking it. I’d also accept “will kick Steven Seagal in the chest.”

As you may have suddenly realized, being a women’s MMA star is the newest, fastest way to becoming a movie star. Gina Carano went from being an American Gladiator to starring alongside The Rock and Vin Diesel in 6 Fast 6 Furious, and now the face of UFC women’s fighting, Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, will star alongside 75 60-year old men in the third installment of The Expendables.

Director/reincarnated mummy Sylvester Stallone announced the casting over Twitter last night, along with the casting of boxing “hampion” Vicious Victor Ortiz:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.27.23 AM

So far Ronda’s only IMDB credits are playing herself in a bunch of Strikeforce events and Ronda Rousey retrospectives, so it’ll be fun to see if she Anderson Silvas her title defense against Miesha Tate at UFC 168 in favor of taking time off and filming a bunch of bad movies.

I’m also excited to see what stupid name they give her. If you haven’t seen the Expendables films, everybody gets a dumb 80s action star name. Jason Statham is “Lee Christmas,” Jet Li is the impossibly horrible “Yin Yang,” Terry Crews is “Hale Caesar” … hell, Randy Couture’s just “Toll Road.” Here’s five quick suggestions if Sly hasn’t already written her part yet, and her part isn’t just “have boobs, do arm bars” —

1. “Justine Time”
2. “Best Of The Breast” (give her a fight scene with Eric Roberts, plz)
3. French assassin “Marcy Beaucoup”
4. Armanda Barstein, aka “ARMBAR”

It could be an original character, like Rickey Rouse or Monald Muck.

Here’s a quick reminder of Ronda’s awesome acting.

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