Henry Rowengartner Will Make An Appearance At The Cubs-Mets NLCS Game

Thomas Ian Nicholas’ name might not ring a bell, but his face will never be forgotten because of two iconic films in the American pop-culture lexicon: American Pie was a generation’s puberty, but Rookie of the Year was its innocent, wide-eyed youth. You may not even remember Nicholas’ character’s name from American Pie, but if you know Rookie of the Year, you know that he played Henry Rowengartner, the kid whose arm injury somehow gave him a high-90s fastball and a spot on the Chicago Cubs, with Gary Busey as a grizzled pitcher named Chet Steadman and Daniel Stern as a downright insane pitching coach:

Well, the real-life Cubs are in a pickle, down 3-0 to the New York Mets (and Daniel Murphy, who has transcended human form), so out of the metaphorical bullpen, here comes Henry Rowengartner to try to bring a little magic to Wrigley Field once again:

No word on whether Nicholas has undergone any recent elbow surgeries, or experienced any magical side effects from said surgery, but Game 4 starter Jason Hammel only went three innings in his previous start, so the Cubs might be looking for bullpen help. Good thing Nicholas already has his jersey ready.