Rory McIlroy And Caroline Wozniacki Are In Love. In Awkward, Awkward Love

Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki are in love, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

Rory McIlroy, the world number two and one of the favourites to claim the Green Jacket at Augusta this week, employed a new caddie yesterday.

During the traditional par-three competition on the eve of the Masters, McIlroy’s tennis star girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki carried his clubs around the course. (via The Independent)

I guess the only problem with showing how much they’re in love is that they’re both super f**king awkward, a trait best seen in this “how’s it goin'” puff interview shared by the fine folks at Reddit. Ricky Gervais couldn’t have written more awkward responses for them.

Here, watch it yourself:

Here’s a quick transcript, in case you don’t want to watch it:

Interviewer: “You’re a tennis lady and you’re at a golf event. How did this come about?”

Caroline: “Uhhhhh, uhhhh, I like Rory, I like how much money he makes and sometimes we have sex!”

Interviewer: “Rory, this was your idea. What’s it like to be able to share this day?”

Rory: /Porky Pig noises

I love you, McAcki. Please don’t ever break up. Explain your love to people forever!