Rory McIlroy Broke Up With Caroline Wozniacki Over An Unflattering Twitpic

Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki is one of our favorite people to write about thanks to her spot-on peer impersonations and ability to wear underwear for profit. We were also fans of her awkward, awkward love with golf giant/One Direction crooner Rory McIlroy and are sad today to report that their relationship appears to be over for the dumbest reason ever: unauthorized Twitter pics.

The Woz posted the following on Sunday:

Almost immediately following that tweet, this line popped up on Independant Woman:

RORY McIlroy has finally ended his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

Uh oh.

The world-class tennis player is said to be “absolutely devastated” by the Irish golfer’s decision, having recently made her intentions clear that she wanted to give the relationship another go. After the story originally appeared in the Sunday Independent, McIlroy denied the split in an attempt to placate his girlfriend and get the relationship back on track …

Friends say a photograph posted by Caroline on Twitter, which showed her boyfriend in a deep sleep, was one of the final straws for the number-one golfer.


I guess we’re gonna have to come to terms with the facts that love is dead and no relationship can last. In a world where War Machine and the lady who has “property of War Machine” tattooed on her back can’t survive, where Tito Ortiz beds and then tries to murder the greatest porn star of all time, how can awkward foreign sports stars survive?

Don’t worry though, in case you were wondering about the most important aspect of this story, Serena Williams has already made a point to comment.

One source said: “Rory was very upset by it and even Serena Williams pointed out – albeit in a joking way – it was a pretty mean thing to do.

You will never see this beautiful face again, Caroline.