Rory McIlroy Accidentally Knocked A Guy Into A Cactus In The Ultimate Desert Golf Trick Shot

The YouTube description for the following video starts off boring, but ends with a bang:

In the opening round of the World Golf Championships – Accenture Match Play Championship, Rory McIlroy struggles to punch out from the desert at the par-4 15th hole while a fan is attacked by a jumping cholla cactus.

The way that makes it sound, McIlroy was just sighing and trying to set up his shot and this giant cactus monster with drawn-on eyebrows leapt out of the desert and dragged a fan underground. In reality, the clip doesn’t actually show the guy falling into a cactus, which leaves a lot of it to the imagination … I personally love the horrified looks on everyone’s faces, and that Looney Tunes-quality shot of a poor guy covered in needles. At next year’s event, Rory should make a fan hold a big round cartoon bomb and get soot all over his face when it explodes.

I think golfing in the desert has reached its apex, folks. Nothing more to accomplish. Let’s golf in the arctic now, at least until a stray shot causes somebody to fall through the ice.