Rory McIlroy’s Odds To Win Are Now Better. Caroline Wozniacki’s? Not As Much.

This week in “Male Athletes are from Mars and Female Athletes are from Venus,” we’re learning a very interesting lesson in what happens to two athletes’ chances to win their respective events right after a breakup. In case you missed it, after Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki sent out their wedding invitations over the weekend, the former decided that he just wasn’t feeling the whole marriage idea, so he ended the relationship and allowed a brief, sort-of-dickish statement explain to friends and family why they can just toss those invitations directly in the trash. Long story shory, Ol’ Ro-Ro just wasn’t ready to let that bachelor life go. Also, Lindsey Vonn probably has some friends who totally want to party.

That said, both McIlroy and Wozniacki have bigger things to worry about now. McIlroy is currently focused on the BMW PGA Championship that begins today, and he has already admitted that this whole thing with his former boo? It’s kind of messing with his dome, bro.

“It’s obviously a difficult time for Caroline and myself, and I think the statement really said it all this morning,” he said. “It was mutual and amicable and we both thought it was the best for us, the best for both of us. Time to move on and I think I’ve said all that I need to say.

“I just want to get my head into golf this week and concentrate on the tournament and try and do well… Look, I think I’m no different than anyone else. Everyone has been through break-ups and it’s obviously very, very difficult. But look, I’m here to try and concentrate on this week and answer questions.” (Via the Telegraph)

Wozniacki, though, wasn’t as formal in explaining her feelings, as she has the French Open coming up on Sunday and just took to Twitter to tell people she baked a batch of frownies.

Now, she was already a risk to bail on the French Open because of her knee injury, but because that’s not nearly as exciting as blaming a breakup for her problems, other outlets are pretending like the emotional magnitude of this split is worse for her knee’s recovery than having it slammed in a car door.

So what does any of this mean for both McIlroy’s and Wozniacki’s chances at their respective tournaments? Well that’s where things get kind of fascinating for people who actually bet money on golf and women’s tennis.

In conclusion, just go ahead and bet on anyone except for these two.