The Rangers Used Horses To Seal Their New Deal With Star Rougned Odor

Getty Image

The Texas Rangers have locked up second baseman Rougned Odor for the next six years on a new contract that’s worth a reported $49.5 million, per Evan Grant of SportsDay. That’s good money, but the real deal-sweetener here isn’t the gratuitous amount of cash coming Odor’s way, but the two horses he received as part of the deal.

According to Grant, Odor raises horses and to entice him into signing the extension, the Rangers tossed in a pair of ponies along with his new deal.

As this picture confirms, they are good horses.

Look at that little horse! It’s so fuzzy!

Baseball doesn’t have a salary cap on teams, but I wonder if it’s written into the CBA in the NBA or NFL that animals given to players in negotiations count against the cap. Because, I’m fully onboard with professional sports starting to work the animal barter system into contract negotiations to work around cap issues. It could totally change how athletes at the very top choose their future destination.

Right now, when the money is all the same, things that can affect a player’s decision are organizational structure, the city and market they’d be in, state income tax, opportunity to win and other boring things. However, if you added animal packages to this it could be amazing.