11.16.07 10 years ago 21 Comments

NCAA Football:  The Ducks are finished.  Heisman ex-hopeful Dennis Dixon sprained his knee in the first quarter, and Oregon stumbled without its star, falling to unranked Arizona 34-24 in becoming the fifth #2 team to lose this year.  And to think, MJD specifically warned Oregon (see #5).  I guess the Ducks were behind on their blog reading.  Arizona State now controls its own destiny for a trip to the Rose Bowl.

NBA: Mavericks drop Spurs with big first-half runs; Manu Ginobili and Tony Longoria find solace in anonymous unprotected sex at the Man Hole… Suns drop pitiful Bulls to win fourth straight.  Ben Wallace wonders, "Why am I here?"  Everyone else: "To rebound and play defense?"  Considering he doesn't really do those tasks well any more, he has a pretty valid question.

NHL: Bruins beat Maple Leaves 5-2 to improve to 9-6-2.  Wait, another Boston team is good?  Fuck me… Senators continue swath of destruction, beat slumping Sabes 3-2.  Daniel Alfredsson had two goals and an extra "s" in his last name for Ottawa… Los Angeles of Anaheim non-Oregon Ducks scored four 3rd period goals to beat crosstown Kings 6-3.  Wow, I just realized the LA area has two hockey teams.  Why?

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