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One of the more prestigious poker tournaments is NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Champioship. “Heads up” simply means that players compete one-on-one in tournament no-limit hold ’em. Vanessa Rousso (pictured), who had just signed an endorsement deal with GoDaddy, advanced to the finals before running into Huck Seed (no, really, that’s his name), a 40-year-old with a legend all his own. Seed had advanced to the semis twice in the last three years, but couldn’t close the deal.

Seed, a representative of Full Tilt Poker, emerged victorious despite a brutal opening draw that had him facing Jon Little in the first round and Gus Hansen in the second. From there, he defeated EPT Championship winner Glen Chorny and last-minute alternate David Oppenheim before finishing off his run with wins against Sam Farha and Vanessa Rousso. He took home $500,000 for the feat.

Rousso was listed as a 75-1 underdog to win and a 3-1 favorite to elicit erections from the poker favorite. GoDaddy knows where to put their money, to be sure. Probably the same place they put their drugs. That way, when the drug-sniffing dogs catch them in the airport, the guards can reach in there and go, “Wait, this is just money. Okay, you’re free to go.” I love getting dogs in trouble.

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