Roy Halladay Won’t Be Tweeting About Butt Plugs Again Anytime Soon

Senior Editor
08.25.14 4 Comments

A guy can’t even tweet about butt plugs anymore without people getting their panties in a bunch. Shame on you world. Former MLB pitcher Roy Halladay made a casual comment on Twitter about a boat taking on water.

In truth, I didn’t know the term “butt plug” could be used like that. I thought it was called a boat plug or drain plug but whatever I’m not boat savvy. I’m #TeamDryLand after all. Anyway, the butt plug stuff got scooped up by the Twitter world because heh, butt plug.

Listen, I laughed at butt plugs. I laughed pretty damn hard. I’m also a 12-year-old masquerading as a 30-some blogger, ok? Stop judging me Roy.


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