Roy Hibbert's $3,000 Dog Is F-ing Adorable

06.14.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Indiana Pacers center and Parks and Rec guest star Roy Hibbert joined free agent Jeremy Lin on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night for a segment called Skype Scavenger Hunt, and the whole thing (included after the jump) was fantastic, because Hibbert and Lin have great personalities and Kimmel has a strange way of bringing out the best in people.

But the star of the clip is Nala, Hibbert’s $3,000 French bulldog. Look at that derpy little face! God, I just want to grab that little pooch and put it in a Baby Bjorn and stand outside of Kate Upton’s apartment with it. Normally I’d scoff at throwing down 3 grand for a pet, but this appears to be a very acceptable investment.

More importantly, though – and this is the real reason that I’m mentioning this clip two days later – it kills me how well Kimmel has proven time and again that he can take even the most boring athletes and make them seem lovable, yet ESPN and ABC treat us to the same, boring pre-game coverage. Sure, ABC gave us a little Kimmel before Game 1, but there should be an entire one-hour segment with his name on it before Game 2.

Instead we’ll probably have Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith shouting at each other again. Hooray.

(Image via Reddit.)

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