01.18.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

Republican Ron Paul's viral presidential campaign hit a snag when Roy Jones Jr refused to get a "Ron Paul for President" tattoo on his back for Saturday's bout with Felix Trinidad.

“This is going to be Roy Jones’ last fight, and he didn’t want it to be remembered for that,” said Heath Whitaker, a fan of both Jones and Paul, the long shot Republican presidential candidate.

A doctored photograph appeared on [a gambling website] depicting Jones with a “Ron Paul 2008” advertisement on his back along with an American flag. A story on the site said the candidate’s supporters had hoped to buy the space between Jones’ shoulders for the fight between the former champions. “Sixty-one million homes,” said a resigned Whitaker who had offered Jones $50,000 to sport the Paul tattoo for the HBO-televised bout.

That Whitaker fellow must know his demographics, because only old people would give a crap about two over-the-hill fighters like Jones and Trinidad in a bout with no belt on the line.  And you know how much old people love to vote.  It's like the one time a year they get to go outside.  They care about the candidates because their families no longer love them.

And really, what better way to influence voters than tattoo advertising?  According to my WWRJJBD bracelet, Roy Jones Jr's back is the best way to reach the people.

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